“...there is a regimen of daily and ongoing trainings and disciplines to help you learn and practice healthy ways of being. These practices return us to our innate wisdom and compassion, and they direct us toward freedom.”

- Jack Kornfield, The Wise Heart

meditation and mindfulness experiences, workshops,

and conversations in Northern Virginia

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There is strength and support in community

To get right to the point... meditation is hard! With all that we have going on in our lives, it's difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to find the time in our increasingly busy days to sit quietly and focus on our breath and live entirely within the present moment. There are many, many ways that you can learn this easy, but not simple skill - from apps on our phones to internet videos to the thousands of books written on the subject - and all of these have a place in our ever-growing mindfulness ecosystem. To this, NovaPrana adds the support of your local community. We can answer questions, talk about issues that arise, offer you opportunities to interact and practice with other like-minded people who are looking for a meditation practice can build and maintain. 

The mission of NovaPrana is to work with people in the Northern Virginia community to develop a meditative or mindfulness practice that they can do, where they are, within their lives. Through guided mindfulness meditation instruction and support, uplifting talks, and community engagement, and community resource awareness, we work to assist others towards becoming greatest version of themselves in their community.

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Why Meditation and Mindfulness?

Can you recall the last time you felt at ease or at peace?

When did you last fully embrace what was happening to you with an open and loving heart? Many of us proceed through the day oscillating somewhere between anxiety and depression. We're frequently unaware of what we actually long for, or what we are actually feeling. In my experience, this absence of clarity often fueled my emotional stress.

Mindfulness training is a simple yet radical technique unlike anything most people have been taught before. One develops a new relationship with self, others, and challenging situations. By learning how to be more present one also becomes more patient, accepting, compassionate and aware. Less time is spent blindly reacting to situations; instead one can choose to skillfully respond. By stilling the mind one’s innate wisdom begins to emerge, and with time ultimately births the greatest version of oneself. 

Colleen O'Leary, co-founder