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First Fridays : December - "Seva, Selfless Service"

  • Brennan Institute for Mind-Body Healing 1801 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 230 Reston, VA 20191 USA (map)

With the cooling temperatures, the changing colors, and the resetting of clocks, the holiday season is upon us! We have officially entered the "season of giving." For the fortunate among us, we have the opportunity to be grateful for the food we have, the shelter we keep, and the friends and family that love and support us. For our November "First Fridays" event, we had a wonderful conversation about gratitude, and the subtle, and occasionally challenging art of acknowledging and receiving gifts - both those given to us and those forced upon us. In this season of giving, however, we also could use some time to consider how to give, and it is in this spirit that we offer the topic for our December "First Fridays" event, Seva - the art and practice of selfless service. A casual walk through any department store or shopping mall these days will show us how encouraged we are to be giving of things, but, more important than that, how do we give of ourselves? How do we do that selflessly? Is the goodness in that in the gift itself, or is it in the intention? All these questions and more to be discussed at "First Fridays" December! Again, our First Fridays events are limited to 10 attendees and so we require an RSVP. Just use the form below to secure yourself a seat! Since this is squarely in the dinner hour, snacks are provided! If you would like to be a snack donor for one of these events, just reach out to us at

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