Welcome to NovaPrana - Meditation and Mindfulness for Northern Virginia

Hi all! I would like to welcome you to NovaPrana - our website, the facebook page, and to the NovaPrana family and community. This project has been a long time in the making for me personally, and we're thrilled to be able to launch our service to you and to our community. Now, to answer the questions... what is it, and why do we need it?

Our mission is too empower, elevate, and enrich the lives of individuals, groups, and communities through the practice of meditation and mindfulness workshops, meetups, conversations, and activities. We think we can do this best in a couple of ways, all of which we support. First, for the individual looking to live a more mindful and present life, we work to provide support by building, supporting, and maintaining a local, like-minded community here in Northern Virginia. In this, we task ourselves with providing basic instruction and conversation in mindfulness meditation, and we're happy to work with you to help you develop and maintain your own, personal meditation practice. Additionally, for folks looking to form their own support network of friends we're happy to offer workshops and information to groups of individuals and communities to set them on their way to building a meaningful and supportive practice. If you have a business or work for an organization who would like to promote meditation or mindfulness in their workplace, we're happy to come out for a workshop in your environment or space.

In all of this, we also strive to empower, support, and promote the community of locally owned, ecologically responsible businesses, organizations, and individuals who are dedicated to health, happiness, and mindful living. Northern Virginia, and the D.C. metropolitan area in general, is teeming with people, small businesses, and support organizations who work to help and support you to live a more present, meaningful, fulfilling, and connected life. Although we live in an exceedingly hectic, occasionally frantic, and, by all accounts, fairly unique place here in the D.C. metropolitan area, we're all still in this together.

All of us with NovaPrana look forward to connecting with you. Please check out our website at www.NovaPrana.org, and take a look at our Events pages to see what community events we have coming up. Let's get started!

With Love and Kindness,